The past few months have been a blur as Cecily and I have been in the process of relocating to London (England, not London Ontario).  Much faster than expected we managed to find a great space in North London and I have spent the past month reassembling my surround mix/edit room while continuing to work on a variety of projects.  There's still some work to do, but I am very pleased with the results I am getting in the space already.

In early November we completed post-production on the final Cypress String Quartet recording (not final release as we still have a couple of things in the pipeline) of the Brahms String Sextets - Opus 18 and 36.  These were recorded in front of a live studio audience at Skywalker Sound back in April.  In a first for the quartet we recorded to both Digital and Analog recorders and in addition to the usual distribution the album will also be released by The Tape Project early in 2017.

Another recent project was the just-released feature "Mum's List" - The true story of a profound, unstoppable and undying love based on the best-selling book by St John (Singe) Greene.  Being able to do the majority of music editing work in my own space was great, but this also afforded me the opportunity to see what it would be like taking the tube into Soho with a portable rig on my back - not as bad as I was expecting!

Currently I am mixing Stephen Gallagher's score for writer/director Nic Gorman's feature "Human Traces" - a structurally ambitious psychological thriller.  Stephen's amazing soundscapes and variety of bowed instruments (including banjo!) are making me feel it's time to invest in some joystick panners - I was excited about the possibilities the Skillet would offer, but sadly they don't have the electrical certification to sell to the UK.  Guess I'll have to stick with the touchscreen for now- which is ok, but divides my attention somewhat between it and the picture.  Oh well the search will continue...

Work also continues on the St Lawrence String Quartet's recordings of Haydn's Opus 20 Quartets (we've completed 2,3,5), and the Dover Quartet's next album featuring works by Shostakovich, Laks, and Ullman.  I'll be back in California for a week in early January to record more Haydn with the SLSQ at Stanford's Bing Concert Hall.

Happy Holidays Everyone!