Brahms Sextets "LIVE" at Skywalker Sound with the Cypress String Quartet, Bary Shiffman, and Zuill Bailey

The last week of April was spent recording the two great string sextets of Brahms - the last recording the Cypress String Quartet will make before wrapping up their twenty year career this June. 

They were recorded over four days on the Skywalker Sound Scoring Stage with myself Producing, Leslie Ann Jones Engineering, and Dann Thompson assisting.  For three of the days we had a studio audience of about 30 people (different audience each day).  We recorded a live mix to both Pro-Tools at 192/24 - using a Pacific Microsonics Model Two AD - and a modified ATR104 1" 2 track machine with Tim Da Paravacini tube electronics - (1" machine provided by the Tape Project, and operated by Paul Stubblebine, Michael Romanowski, and Dan Schmalle).

The album will be released later this year simultaneously on Avie Records (Digital) and The Tape Project (Analog Tape).