Moom to premiere March 5th at Cinequest in San Jose

The new animated short from Tonko House LLC will premiere in San Jose March 5th at Cinequest.  A brilliant story from writer Genki Kawamura, directed by Robert Kondo and Dice Tsutsumi - with a beautiful and moving score from composing team Zach Johnston and Matteo Roberts, performed by Minna Choi's Magik*Magik orchestra. 

Recorded at Fantasy Recording Studios in Berkeley with Mark Willsher producing and Jesse Nichols engineering.   Decca Tree set-up and GML mic preamps provided by Stephen Jarvis.

Music mixed in 5.1 for theatrical release by Mark Willsher.  Final sound mix at Skywalker Sound with re-recording mixer Tony Villaflor.

Cypress String Quartet releases final set of Beethoven string quartets.

Following up on their acclaimed recordings of the Middle and Late Beethoven string quartets, the Cypress String Quartet will be releasing the Early Beethoven quartets in April.  We have just this week sent various masters out for production.

All three sets of quartets were recorded with a single pair of Sanken CO-100K microphones on the Skywalker Sound scoring stage.  Produced by Cecily Ward, Engineered by Mark Willsher, Edited by Cecily Ward & Mark Willsher.

This release is on Avie Records, and will be available on CD, High-Resolution (96kHz/24bit) download, and as an MFiT (mastered for iTunes) release.